Legs and the Sky

Arielle White

Random collage from the otherday

I have been in love with the old Pulp Novel covers recently, so I’m going to make a few with the A.S.W. Publishing label on them. This one is for “The Little Mermaid”.

I do not own “the little mermaid”, I did not take that photo of Madison Young(I tried to find the photographer but couldn’t) but I did edit it and I also didn’t make the font but I think I will for the next cover.

Drawing of a Sun Girl, presented 3 ways

Made a GIF out of the doodle I did a few days ago

This is from the comic book I’ll be working on over the summer, the original is much bigger than this.

just doodling in photoshop (I don’t own/didn’t make either of those patterns)

Squid Princess

Monkey and Boy Mask

Boy and Monkey Mask

King Hornet

Head and Respiratory I

Head and Respiratory II

Work in progress

Illustration assignment. Had to make a poster for a live production of some kind. I chose Hadestown by Anais Mitchell.

Self portrait installation

Preserved the pieces of my mess and presented them on a precarious ledge